Hopeless ideas for a website

I haven’t worked/created a website in a year or so. I’m a little “rusty” with new technology; I looked at the words Flash 8 and my eyes popped open. I’m not too concerned with that anyway. I want to create a website, and write about things because I am good at that, or decent at least when I try. I created websites before but many of them were unoriginal and there were sites like mine that were much better. I just want to create something for fun that people will want to go to because it is unique. I love classic rock/beatles music but there are so many sites dedicated to those topics, and I’m not sure what to do. I was brainstorming and these are things that I can’t/don’t want to do…

-Write facts for classic rock artists and their songs (including lyrics) - songfacts.com and artistfacts.com already does a darn well good job of this, and I go there all the time.
-Write long biographies/timelines for music artists - will not work, the beatles are in encyclopedias for christ sake.
-Sell merchandise online, update news/tour dates for artists - this is already done on every official site of any artist

This is where I come to the hopeless part because I can’t think of anything original to put on the web! I feel like a small party store owner who has been overrun by much larger 7-elevens! What is left to put out there?