Horizontal scrolling based on mouse position


I’m sure this is a pretty common thing, but I’ve done some searching and didn’t come up with what I needed… So I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of a tutorial that may help me create something like the scrolling portfolio at SectionSeven, ie, the way it’s a long, horizontal list of images, and when you move your mouse either to the left or right sides, it scrolls accordingly. I also like how the farther to the side your mouse is, the faster it scrolls. It also seems to have “momentum”, so for instance, if you’re scrolling really fast to the left, and then you quickly move your mouse to the right side, it smoothly slows down, and then starts to change direction.

I’m only interested in the scrolling, I don’t need the 3D page effect at all.

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it. :beer: