Horror movies


I’ve been researching horror movies for a few days now (hunting down the one movie that’ll actually give me nightmares =))

Basically, this started when someone posted the movie “The Eye” some time ago, and while some segments of it was a little boogabooga, it was generally not that scary.

Meanwhile, I got wind of this new flick “The Grudge” somewhere here too, and found out it was a remake of the original Ju-On series (japanese). Now, I found a trailer for the second installment, Ju-On 2, to be pretty boogabooga.

( http://www.empiremovies.com/movies/2004/ju_on_the_grudge.shtml )

I was wondering if any of you freaks have ever seen these? Is it worth my time to hunt them down on dvd?

I found somewhere a movie called “'Salems lot”. Some guy said it was teh phreak, but it was just plain urgh… vampire movies are NOT scary… to me…

I’m really picky when it comes to horror movies.