Hot sauces

anyone here into hot sauces?!

personally I love hot stuff like chili or indish food.
I just got a fine new sauce called Crystal classic (with Habanero chili - made in USA) and it’s delicious (not the hottest one I ever tried, but very tasty in my opinion) :drool:

what good hot sauces do you know?

um, green tabasco? not really a hot person…


ginger is kinda hot. i mean like the pink suff. its to what ever taste to eat. lol;)

there is this kinda hot suce that u put like only 2 drops in a big coldrin to cook in and even that makes it hot. man u could die if u drink it out of the bottle

as I said not the hottest one… well nothing can compete with vicious vampire, but it’s something that just tastes good, and it arrived today so it carried the topic hot sauces in my mind

I’d go with the classic Tabasco. During high school, I used a Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

Most of the food I eat at home such as Indian food is spicy enough without hot sauces anyway. I’m guessing any sauce made with a lot of habanero must be spicy. I ate part of a raw habanero once - not the smartest thing I did :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know any Indian who hasn’t. I was afraid of any sort of spicy food for a week after the “incident”. :frowning:

Tapatio :thumb:

I absolutely love hot, but I think it tastes bad in most cases. It’s weird. Like Frank’s hot sauce tastes terrible. And Jalepenos taste nasty, but I love how they’re spicy. It’s weird. So I like tastey spicey stuffs.

I love aerosmith and hot sauce. Joe Perry’s hot sauce rules!

a great hot sauce is from buffalo wild wings restaurant. both their “hot” and “wild” sauces are excellent. especially wild.

I put tobasco sauce on tons of stuff, and lots of it (I’m from Texas).

<useless story that’s somewhat related>
my dad’s friend was in the military and he was trained to be able to eat anything and he went into this restuarent once and challenged the chef to make the hottest thing he could, and so the chef tried him. He ate it without a flinch :P.
</useless story that’s somewhat related>

I can never have food hot enough…

I am like Hommer and the chilli cook off…

What would have you crying like a baby in pain…
Is nothing more than a sweet tingle on my lips.

I use chilli/tabsco/curry like people use salt/pepper/tomato sauce

Heh, this topic made me think of that too =) [size=1]Well, partially that :sigh:[/size]
Hmm, hot wax…

So anyway, yeah, I like spicy food as well, although I don’t really go and add spicy sauce to everything I eat, so I have to kinda say Bleh here.

Don’t really like hot sauce just put bits of habenaro’s or jalapeno’s on my food but i used to put habenaro juice on my food until i decided to put a lil too much on

I can never have food hot enough…

hint: order a sauce called “vicious vampire”.
a friend just got a chemical gastritis from that sauce :stuck_out_tongue:

Germans… :sigh:


I am suprised no one here mentioed Franks hot sauce. Thats good stuff. I also like Kick a55 hot sauce and a brand called texas tail torcher.

I put hot sauce on almost everything.

peppapo it’s made with scotch bonnets.

Hard to find, but a small amount will make your ears hurt.


Did you forget to mention that you eat jalapeno’s out of the jar for a snack while watching t.v., put anything with habenero’s in it on jsut about every food ever made, even macaroni and cheese…yuck!!!

I cant stand hot anything…Old El Paso taco kits is too spicy for me…even the smell of hot sauce makes my stomach turn :x

Hey McGiver, I like your game.