Hover Caption Issues... again

Although tutorial from http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/hover_captions.htm seems to solve common use of captions on hover, I see there are 2 issues left:

  1. Tnere are variable trailing spaces after last letter of caption. I was expecting that caption to be equally surrounded with a border. Something like padding: 4pt in HTML table cells.

  2. Caption text doesn’t support HTML tags, so you can’t have caption text on multiple rows, no bold, etc… etc. I tried setting dynamic text field as HTML… but no luck.

And what’s even more frustrating, although issue no. 2 was brought into forum discussion, solutions were VERY short-explained making you wonder why such haste in replies…

I hope that now we’ll have an upgrade to that tutorial. But till then I am curious who can solve my 2 issues.