Hover captions

I think the ones on herre… are more for flash mx… I was just wondering if anyone had quick basic way to do one in flash 5

Its basicially the same for Flash 5.

I made an example just for you =)

Lemme explain first:

Basically we have a button, and a movie clip. The mc is where the hover caption is.

So on rollOver of the button, show the MC and make it hover over the button. i did this by assigning the _x and _y of the MC = to the mouse’s x,y position =)

Sounds confusing? here is the FLA example i made just for you, =)

just look at it, and you’ll see =) all the code is in the button (in the on(rollOver) event handler.

Hover Caption Example (flash 5)

Hope this helps =) Enjoy.

It comes up when i go over it… but it doesnt follow around with the cursor when it’s over the red button. It justs pops up…

Compared to the kirupa one


Do you know why?


ah yes, i didnt make it to follow =)

all you do is right hand click the caption mc, (its kinda hidden but yyou should see the outline…)

and in side there add this code:


this._x = _root._xmouse;
this._y = _root._ymouse;


And thats it =) and yay it follows =)

its not working… I have a drag already on this scene… and it’s making the caption a drag and it’s dragging and im not even over the button…


thanks alot

=) not a problem i hope that helped ya =)