How a site all fits together

can anyone give me a set of .fla’s to a site w/ preloaders and animations and all that so i can just see how it all fits together or at least explain it all. what i mean is like when your page loads it goes through all this stuff before it actually shows like the lines are drawn and moved into place. is this justa buncha tweening before the actually frame all the final stuff is on or what? any help would be greatly appreciated.


you mean like a bar preloader?

i think he means how everyon contains movieclips within movieclips within movieclips etc… basically, I think he wants to take a look at a site map, to see how all the individual swfs relate to each other (assuming the site has been made using lots of individual swfs ;))

asphaltcowboy nailed it on the button

indeed, I am a god among men :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

(i’ll see if I can sort something out a bit later m8)

alright, thanks

god i just wanna punch that purple bouncing smiley face >_<