How about a tutorial?

could someone make a tutorial on basic numerical and text variable and functions? im doing something really wrong when i try em out and im sure theres other viewers who could benefit also

A tutorial about what exactly? I don’t understand. Can you give an example?

pom :asian:

mainly about the assigning of numerical variables and the use of them. like how to set variable a and to be able to subtract and do not only numerical functions to it, such as subtracting, etc, but making text also.

if im not explaining what im asking well enough, please ask which part if confusing.


Variable tutorial:



And what about text exactly? You want to learn the string manipulation methods, right?

pom :stuck_out_tongue:


with the numbers, more like when this happens to variable a, add 4 or whatever to it. then if a = x, then x = a

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Can you specify? [SIZE=1]if this word exists?[/SIZE]

Yeah, I don’t understand either…

If a = x then it is common sense that x = a since they are equal variables.

heh, i really dont have a clue what i was goin for there.

i guess what i want is a beginners tutorial for all types of variables that are commonly used in movies, numerical and text based, if thats easy enough to make into one.

any help’d be appreciated, thanks fellas

Now I’m a little past this level just cause I have some prior programming experience but now I’m on a level where I can read and understand what a code is supposed to do. But don’t ask me to sit down a pull code out the air.

i can look at some code and tell what it does, but i dont know how to pull it out of thin air myself, i’d like to learn how to program without having to look at a file every few minutes.

so with this tutorial i guess i want how to do numerical things, the basics. i haven’t done them before myself. maybe have the tutorial on a calculator in flash or something.

that should show what im asking for, how to add and do basic numeric functions with a variable.

You want a tutorial about adding numbers??? Or functions? I don’t get it…

Do you mean doing math between 2 variables? Something like…

height = this._height
inertia = 5

_y += (_ymouse/height)/inertia

Ok, so that code probably does jack diddly, but I think that is what you are going for. Am I right?

yes! you are correct sir

Let me get this straight: you’re having trouble with the math or with the movie clip properties _x, _xscale, _width and so on?

pom :asian:

i am a **** near a newbie to all mathematic relations with flash.