How apply act. to a holder inside an attach.file

Hi there,

I like to apply a prototype to the following:
a holder inside an mc that has a linkage(project). Project is loaded (attachmovie ) in a holder (name main)placed on stag (root). Possible?

Now I have something like this:

_root.main[“project”].holder // is not working:(

Hope someone can help me out.


is this what you want?

[AS]MovieClip.prototype.hold = function(linkage){
this.linkage = linkage;
this.holder.attachMovie(linkage, linkage+“h”, 1);


and then,
myClipinScene.holder._x = whatever…
myClipinScene.holder._alpha = … etc

hi thx for the reply,

Only it’s not what im looking for. in my xml file the attachments are already made.
I only want to apply a fadein(prototype) to my holder only I don’t know how to reach the holder.

like the holder on the root has an instancename so I can reach this like
_root.instancename but then it attaches an mc from the library so how can I reach this one> and that mc(library) has another mc inside with an instancename >holder.
Its that last holder inside the mc(attached mc) I want to reach.

how reach this? Hope I make myself clear :beam:


so target “main.project.holder”:



Thx Scotty your the man :thumb: . Hey could you reply to the mail I send your recently :q:

Thx again,grtz.

Welcome, just send you a reply;)