How best to do this? (multiple menus)

Howdy all, Happy New Year!

Okay so my first problem seems to be attaching a jpg that shows what I would like to do. :hair:

It doesn’t work by using the image tags above and when I attach it I just see a little red x. Getting very frustrating. So I will try again but if it doesn’t work bear with the long winded explanation please!

I am going to have a map with lots of little red dots all over it. For each dot I would like, either on rollover or press, a “menu” to appear. The menu would be different depending on what button is pressed and the items would be links to things like photos, tables, text files, etc.

What I am wondering is, what is the best way to create the menu system? Should I use something like Sen’s/LIB’s xml menu and make lots of them? Or is it better to create MCs/swfs that load on rollover? I’m trying to keep everything small as this project may one day go on the web (it will first be created for CD).

What do you all think? Any suggestions welcome! :ear: