How big of a file?

I just have a question about file size. If I’m making a banner about 20-25 seconds long at 400x75 pixels how small should I strive for the file size to be? I made one that is about 76K. To me that seems a little big for someone with a dialup, but I may be wrong. I was just wondering if there was a rule of thumb I should be following?

My .fla file is too big to load here. So if you want to see it I ftp’d it to a site you can download it at. The .fla file is 162 KB and the .swf file is 76K.

depending on what you have in your movie, 76k is pretty good.

now if you have jsut 1 frame with 1 letter, and its 76k, well then thats not so good =)

What you need to keep in mind when you’re desinging is, how may Photos you’ll use, what sounds, and the file sizes of all these.

Music ussually take a big chunk of space, unless its 2 sounds and 4 milisecs long =)

in any case you want to try to design so that your swf’s are as small as possible. This also can change according to your target audience, for example if most of your targeted audience has broadband, then using higher quality images and better sounds may be a good sacrafice. Theres always a better way of doing things and im a big believer in getting awesome flash into small files ( less than 100k is fairly small file for flash).

Fla’s will obviously be bigger, because they are storing information required for you to edit it, such as layers etc… when you export it to an swf, it “flattens”, if you will, the file and trys to optimize stuff as much as it can. thus, a smaller file =)

Hope that helps.