How big of a problem is email harvesting?

Whats the deal with email harvesting? Is it THAT big of a deal? I ask because this web site Ive been working on (worst web site ever) has all emails added via JS using character entities making it completely unreadable for me unless I open the web site outside of DW and get the emails that way (which is a pain). I did something a little different using readable email addresses in a JS function for the edits I did calling a JS function to write them out (something along the lines of eLink(“user”,“com”,“domain”,“click here”);). It certainly beats
 mailto:pre …
And I figure its a little safer as well since anyone trolling for emails would certainly be able to decode those characters.

Still, Im wondering if its worth it for such a little crappy site used by 15 people. I mean, I guess it doesn’t hurt, but its still pretty painful.

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