How can I achieve this text effect?


I’m looking to achieve an effect on text that is kind of a cross between a drop shadow / motion trail.

An example of this can be found at

The effect is on the ‘Pitchfork’ logo in the top left corner. As you can see it is not merely a drop shadow - More like a smear.

I’m assuming it (the effect) is part of the font set, but surely there is a way of achieving this effect another way?

If anyone has any software suggestions that have this kind of effect, or know how to achieve this effect through a technique (something fairly painless) it would be much appreciated.

I’d like to try and keep the text as a shape rather than bitmap.

I managed to ‘create’ the effect in Paint Shop Pro, but it took ages, but when I ‘traced bitmap’ in Flash, it gives a bad result (no matter the settings).

Looking forward to any suggestions…

Many thanks