How can I do a Custom Border?

Hi Kirupa,
I think the tutorial for this one is too brief. Perhaps you can tell me more about creating the border line using Flash alone and not HTML.

I am thinking of doing something like the where viewers get to see all those border lines.

Hi kirapa can you help me out in doing the custom border by sending me the source code for me to preview it?

Hello natee,
It is not possible to create a custom border in HTML itself and hope that it would apply to a Flash animation. You can either:

1.) Create the border as I mentioned on my site in Flash (search for custom borders).
2.) Create a mask the shape of the movie, and that will eliminate all extraneous portions of a movie you do not want.

All of this should be done in Flash. The transparency tutorial (you may be referring to this), should not be used as a border.

I am stuck, will you send me a simple custom border sample for me to get the hang of it cos I am a very pratical person. Any sample like that one on your site will serve as a guide. Thanks