¿ how can i embed AS created dynamic textfiled?

hi guys!
just wondering how can i embed fonts on a dynamically (AS) created dynamic textfield… this sounds “no-brainer” problem but this gives me headache…


TextField.embedFonts = true;


here’s the code on my MC…
[AS] onClipEvent (load) {
textalign = “left”;
textsize = 16; //font size
textcolor = 0x000000; //hex value of color
textfont = “noxious_standard”; //outline name…my font
textweight = false; //if bold set to true
textvalue = "Proverbs 16:23 - The heart of the… ";

and inside the MC…
[AS]//function textFormat() {
this.createTextField(“mytext”, 1, x, y, textwidth, textheight);
mytext.multiline = false;
mytext.wordWrap = true;
mytext.border = false;
mytext.selectable = false;
mytext.type = “dynamic”;
mytext.border = false;
mytext.background = false;
myformat = new TextFormat();
myformat.font = textfont;
myformat.size = textsize;
myformat.align = textAlign;
myformat.color = textcolor;
myformat.underline = false;
myformat.bold = textweight;
mytext.embedFonts = true;
mytext.html = true;
mytext.text = textvalue;
textalign = “left”;
it just dont work… it’s still not embedded…

grrrrr now it works! i think my PC just needs to be restarted… :stuck_out_tongue:

anyhu, thanks man!

That’s all right!!!


thankz man! tnx for reminding that im not insane and i was also doin the right thing… it’s just my PC.

let’s keep the great exploit! cheers! :thumb:

i simply love your banner man:)

the shinning face you mean!? :stuck_out_tongue:

yep:)that one

heee… pretty welll… i’ll keep them shinning for ya! =)