how can I make a connection from as2 to c++ with xml sockets?

I don’t know how many here are familiar with c++ or making it communicate with flash but I know as2 must use xml sockets to communicate with a c++ server. I have made a simple c++ console app that I want to gather data from.
Specifically I want to make a log in system where users can log in with a username and password.
The reason I am using as2 is the client I am making this on uses a version of scaleform that only supports as2.
In a sum up I want my flash application to send data to xml, xml to send that data to c++ if the credentials match it sends the user to another frame.

Currently I am only able to grab data from values directly typed into the c++ console application.
If the info is correct it sends back an ok to the consul if not it sends an error.

I have no current code for sending and receiving data from flash to xml /c++ and back.

that is why I am here I can’t find any documentation anywhere that tells you how to do it.
if you have a link to that I would love to have it. otherwise can you please tell me how I can achieve this or put some sample code in a reply :slight_smile:

This goes beyond my level of understanding…of everything! :frowning:

I feel ya…
been trying to figure this out for weeks. no info I can find anywhere

I dont think I’ve ever seen one out there in c++ (edit: thats a lie), but there are a number of tutorials out there for socket servers in other languages. Here’s one I quickly dug up for Java:

I don’t know how different AS2 is from AS3, but I imagine all the changes that were made for security with sockets transcended both languages. The big one is being able to handle the initial handshake with the policy file. … scanning through the tutorial linked above, I’m not seeing any mention of that. I think we had something on that covered this. Maybe I can find that one… yeah here’s the one I was thinking of: Of course that is very policy-fil- centric vs more about making a server. Anyway, hopefully this can help get you going.

thank you I will check out both links.
Ill let you guys know if I have any success

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