How can I make it display date?

In my site I need to have the date available for viewers. I know how to display the date of the user and I would like to create an onion skin animation for each separate chatacter(yes, I know how to create an onion skin animation but not how to do it separate for each character).
My problem is this: I want to display the name of the month, not the number. Now I want each character animated separately in the date animation.
for example:
S would appear with an onion skin animation, then about a quarter second later all the other characters with the same animation, E, P, T, E, M, B, E, R, [space], 2, 4, [space], 2, 0, 0, 2.
How can I code actionscript so that I can do this with the user’s date? Sorry for my lack of description, its late and I can’t think well. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

Wow, sounds ambitious.

My only ideas would be to follow this tutorial…

You don’t need all of it, just the part about the date. Then you can add if statements to activate your animation. Such as…

if (myMonth = “september”){

I hope you understand what I mean.

you might also need to use some string manipulation methods.

I wish I had brought my book with me.(thank god for I’ll check this code in the morning to see what errrors it has. I know it has some… but the idea is here anyway.

function separateLetters(something){
    new Array letterHolder();
    for(var i=0;i<something.length;i++){

What this does is populate an array called ‘letterHolder’ with each letter in a word. I used something similar for my texacular effects.

From there it’s a simple matter of giving the individual text feilds a value of each of the array elements.

Like I said there might be some errors there… I haven’t tested it yet… but I will when I get a chance.

That’s the idea. I think Jubby did something like that in his text effect tutorial. You can see it here:
Jubby’s tute

pom :asian:

Hey pom… have you noticed that the ‘code’ word doesn’t work anymore to display code? I used ‘php’ here because I saw that lostinbeta had done so earlier with good effect, but I’d like to know why. If you talk to K before me, ask him about it.

I forgot in my example that new array set up should be taken out and placed separately somewhere frame one.


Must be a glitch in the Matrix, Upu. Quick, take the red pill!