How can I open a .swf file in a blank window?

Hey everyone, So my dilemma is this. I want open up a link in a blank window, so what would be the exact get url; code for it.

Right now I have the index.swf, which iam doing for and there is a link called lunch.swf, the lunch.swf is an html formatted .swf file, so it has to open up in a blank file.

Please help me asap. Thanks much!


Hi! Thanks for replying so quickly. Since I am new to Flash, I am confused about writing the path. This is what I had originally.

on (release) {
getURL("[file:///O:/Neena/Pacific](file:///O:/Neena/Pacific) grill/Website/Lunch_html.swf", “_blank”);

but ofcourse, this only works on my computer.

then after reading your reply, I put down:

on (release) {
getURL(“”, “_blank”);

right now I am uploading to This this shows how much I don’t know, but do I change the .swf to .html for Lunch_html.swf.

Geeez! so many questions!, but what would be the exact way of translating this.

Thanks much.

if you publish an html file that holds swf, and I’d recommend doing that unless you intend on doing it elsewhere :wink: