How can i put a preloader between loading pictures?

Hi there, I have a photgraphy site and on the portfolio section i have a border that adjusts to the photo size when a button is pressed. Below is the code on one of the thumbnail buttons…

Basically i’m wondering if theres anything i can add to this code to set off a preloader when release is hit or at least a movie clip that has a “loading please be patient” picture on so that people are not waiting with a blank screen for the photo to appear. Does this make any sense?? :huh:

[COLOR=navy]onClipEvent (load) {
newWidth = 467;
newHeight = 350;
menuText.text = newWidth+“x”+newHeight;
menuBg._alpha = 30;
on (rollOver) {
menuBg._alpha = 50;
on (rollOut) {
menuBg._alpha = 30;
on (press) {
menuBg._alpha = 30;
//bounce the box.boxShadow movie (param, endingVal, clipName, speedFactor, bounceFactor)
_root.bounce("_width", newWidth, _parent._parent.boxBg, 10, .6);
_root.bounce("_height", newHeight, _parent._parent.boxBg, 10, .6);
//Note: This is also where you would load a jpeg or external swf into the boxMovieHolder
[COLOR=black]Many thanks[/COLOR]