How can i scroll attached mc up & down?

sorry to post again so soon but my first post got no answers so will try rewording my problem. Basically I have a movieclip that is attached when a button on main page is clicked. Now that movieclip called news_mc contains code to dynamically create text fields based on records it recieves from database. It retrieves the records perfectly but I want to be able to scroll that movieclip up and down so as the user can see all records clearly. For some reason I have spend the whole day at it and basically have still the same problem.
So, does any one know how to scroll a movie that is displayed by the function attachMovie()?? I have tried numerous tutorials but they were basically to scroll txt so it wasn’t what i wanted. And also, i don’t know what size my text or movieclip will be because it is read in dynamically.

Could anyone help?
Thanks in advance!