How can I totate a movieClip before loading it....?


Can you please anyone solve my problem. It is so simple but I am not getting how to solve it.

Actually what I want is that I need to load a movieClip from the library and symultaneously it should have 45 degree rotation before loading to screen.

But when I tried to do the same, it was rotating after the load event.

I used the following code:

_root.attachMovie(“boxMC”, “p1”,_root.getNextHighestDepth(),{_x:23,_y:107});
_root.p1.rotateTo(-10,0, “easeinoutsine”);

My intension is that before load to screen the MovieClip should have rotation instead rotating after load event. But according my code we get to feel like it is rotation after load event.

Anyone one can you make it rotate before loading to screen.

Please help me, it will help me to do my project.

What I need: A movieClip should have roate to 45 degree before loading it to screen.

Thanks a lot lot in advance…