How did they do this scrolling text MENU?

I’m looking for a text menu template that does this:

Link to Menu

(Scroll Over Client List)

I need that scrolling effect, anyone know how to do it?

Thanks :toad:

here you are, I attached the file that I made for my site. I hope this helps. There is a transparent box over the main clip, that is where the actions are:)

I would be more interested in knowing how they did the arrow/tennacle effect, that’s really inovative.

Thanks for the file, I’ll check it out! Yeah that tennacle effect is awesome, but probably out of my skill level.

That file helps - thanks. Do you think they did the pixel fonts as an image or text? I know they have to be exactly on a pixel to be clear, so I’m not sure how they did the scrolling on text…

The arrow is just a rollover. Then import the pixel fonts and buttons in MC on the 0X0 and that should be it.