How do i bulid a website

how do i built a website out of flash?

do a search in the box above…

it is there…


how do i start a site

do a search in the box above.

what didn’t you understand?

this has been covered hundreds of times, plus there is a tutorial on this site just for this…

expend some energy for pete’s sake…


why do u have to be so mean

why do you have to be so stubborn?

I gave you your answer, then you ask the same question again…

seriously, search the forum first, then ask the question if you don’t find your answer.

sorry if this sounds mean, but with 7000 members, this happens quite a bit.



Basically you need an idea, then you have to progress from there.

If you are asking about how to do a website then search it above.

If you are asking about what to do first in a website is basically split it into sections navigation header etc etc.