How do I center something on a page

Ok this seems like a reallllly noobie question, but i cant figure out how to do it.

I have made a flash site, which I want to be in the very center of the page. I can center it, but it puts it in the middle at the top of the page, not in the very center of the page.

How can I make it so it is in the very center?

Hmm i cant seem to quite get my head around that… I suck at html. surely there must be an easy way using tables to center a .swf on a page?

put a valign tag within the table. valign=“middle”.

EDIT: Scrap that, ive fixed it! I needed to set the table height too 100%. Id already tried this, and it didnt work, but cobined with valign=“middle” it seemed to do the trick. Cheers for your help guys!

The solution I provided you man is the “proper” solution, using a non-table based layout… which your layout and all layouts should be done in. If you’re not good at html, or just starting… it’s counter productive to start and learn using bad coding practices

[QUOTE=Sinister Rouge;1984401]put a valign tag within the table. valign=“middle”.[/QUOTE]ugh yea if you’re doin a table layout then this would work. :frowning: