How do I copy a button with movie clip instances

Ok so I am the lucky winner of updating a site built in flash.

it has multiple navigation buttons that go down the left hand side. They are all button symbols that have different movie clips attached to each state (up, over, down, hit) All the symbols are really just text with a little dash by them. and when you mouse over the button the the little dash appears and when you mouse off then the dash appears, but doesnt just appear it dissolves and slides in. So that means the movie clips for the rollovers are about 8 layers.

My main goal is to add a button. my question is what is the easiest way to copy a button with the movie clips so that when i edit the copied one it doesnt change the button I just duplicated.

if you guys need anything else to help me jsut ask. I really need to get this done asap for my client.

Thanks guys!

Triple G