How do I create a movieclip to play if mouse is unactive, and stops when mouse moves?

I am in the process of creting a world map navigation for a global ite portal.

In the map a user can hover over different continents to zoom in on specific countries then click on that country’s to goto its specific website.

However I think the world map looks a little un-user friendly so was looking at playing a quick tutorial movie (a mouse cursor, moving over a continent and highlighting it) when the mouse is not being moved, then stops when the user moves the mouse.

This feature a little reminisant of when sonic the hedgehog used to tap his foot if you didnt use your joypad for a while.

I would also like to start the movie (after he preloader ive used) with the tutorial playing, so the user can understand the way it works straight away.

I am a novice at action scripting, so all help would be appreciated!