How do I do a real test to simulate slow connenction?

Hi there, I’m trying to detect the user’s connection speed by first loading a swf that i know the size of then taking 2 timer measurements before and after loading and then working out how fast they downloaded the file.

My problem is that when I try to test this locally using the ‘Simulate Download’ option in Flash I have to run the movie twice (it won’t simulate 56k on the first run) and it looks like Flash has cached the movie the second time it runs (loading a 12k file in less than 100 ms wasn’t typical of my old 56k connection!). I have 56k selected in the simulate menu. All of this is making it difficult for me to check how my movie loads and responds under a slow connection.

I’ve attached the fla in case there’s something in there that’s causing the problem, if anyone has any solutions to get round this they’re gratefully received:)

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.