How do i do this?


how do i make something like they have in the portfolio section at ? i like the way you click the dot and 2 separate things come up… the pic & the description. i have no idea how to do that. Also, when you click the dot, an animation appears, then the image.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

What dot are you talking about?

i think he means the dot in the portfolio section
theres a gridish type thing of dots…
they are gray and turn red…
im not good at flash but i think that would be pretty easy to do

take it away random smart person!

yeah, i mean the dots you click to go to diff. parts of the portfolio… what other dots could i be talking about? lol

easy to do maybe, but i don’t know how, that’s why i’m asking.

The dots are simply buttons.

Click one and it either (a) loads and plays a seperate flash movie OR (b) simply goes to a different frame in the same flash movie.

In fact either of those two can also be dynamic so changes can be made to the movie(s) without having to re-write the flash.