How do I get rid of the markers on the 30 day trial?

Does anyone know how do I can extend the 30 day free trial by removing the markers that stop you re-installling it? I really need to know this as I’m not paying $499 for it.

You’re so funny…
Format your hard drive and reinstall everything…if you really want to do that every 30 days, have fun.

dont talk wet mate all u gotta do is get rid of ur trail download **************** and u will have it for free


i only realised this after i bought the @#%$ though

Maybe you two should’ve read the forum rules before posting this?

This is your last warning. Read the rules, Obey the rules. You’re references of hacking have been removed.

Have you looked into going with an earlier version of Flash? You can find Flash 3 and 4 online for pretty cheap, then upgrade? I am not sure if MX is upgradeable from 3 or 4 though…might have to look into that first.

i know how to get rid of the ‘markers’.
PAY for the software.

“b-b-but I’m 13 years old, and I can’t afford it and I need this software because I need to become a multimillion dollar web-designer. PLEASE HELP ME!?!?”

Its only 500 dollars, and if you are just going to get it to fool around with then you don’t need it. If you are getting it to make money off of it, and make sites and animations with it, then buy it, cuz if you are going to get money from it then you should buy it.