How do I load two external swf's in empty movie clips at the same time? Help

Sorry if the title is a bit confusing.

OK, I have a swf of a menu that I need to load when a link is selected. All external pages I have at the moment load into one empty movie clip in a file called index.swf. However, I need my menu to load in another (side nav) movie clip as specfic links are selected from another navigation area. Right now, I have a news scroller, which is part of my index.swf page so it currently does not change as the external swf’s load. But, I’d like that to change once links from another bottom navigation menu in the index.swf are clicked instead of just loading the external files in one place, I’d like the menu to load into its own side movie clip accordingly.

Does this make sense? When a button from the already existing nav on index.swf is selected, I need 2 external swf’s (the new side menu to replace the news as well as the existing main movie clip) to load instead of just one.

The solution would seem to be a simple, but I’m a novice (steadily learning), so I’m having trouble figuring it out.

Also, existing movie clip that loads the swf’s into index.swf covers the height and width of index.swf like Kirupa’s full site tutorial (as my site is a full site as well).

To relate my problem to that tutorial, which I followed feverishly, I have two nav area’s instead of one, one exists (is constant) on index.swf, the other will load into a new movie clip as a side nav menu.

I’m using MX (not 2004) by the way.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks :smirk: