How do I make a

transperent window, in my flash movie that will allow me to scrole both text, and images at the same time?

thanks for any help

come on peep’s some ones gotta know!

is there a reasion im not getting a response?

Use the Scroll Pane component that comes with Flash MX and scroll a movie clip that contains your images and text!

daaa, thanks man now im gona go smack me self up-da head…

No need to be harsh on yourself, I get that question all the time!

nother quick question how do I override flash’es gay idea that it needs to reduce the qulity of my png’s… when I import them/update ?

Go to ‘Publishing Settings’ and set JPEG quality to 100!

that’s not gona fix it, i already tried that…

Did you increase the size of your image in Flash or when you preview your flash project do you make ur movie upsize in scale, like by making it full screen?


Also… try going into the library and right clicking on the image. Then go to “Properties” Uncheck the “Allow Smoothing” box and uncheck the “Use imported JPEG Setting” (or whatever that one says). After you uncheck that it will allow you to change the number of the quality, change this to 100.

This is the method I use and I use PNG images in my banner. No distortion:) This does unfortunately increase your file size though:(

i would up load the file but it’s too big…

neither of our methods worked?

correct, neath worked…