How do i make everything outside of a frame border invisible when resizing?

As the title says “How do i make everything outside of a frame border invisible when resizing?”

I would like to know this because i have some pictures which are supposed to be nicely cut off by actual frame window but when i resize to be full screen whilst playing it actually shows everything outside the frame which is not supposed to be seen.

Is there an opiton when you export or something like that?


Can you show me an example? Are you refering to the viewing the actual .swf itself in the browser or a .swf movie playing inside of a HTML file?

can’t really show you an example but i’ll try to say it:

when you open an .swf file and it goes to default size and you got images coming in from “outside” of the frame and then sitting in half way visible on the side/corner of the frame then when you put it full screen it makes even things outside the frame visible showing everything thats happening.

I want it so its like imbedded in a HTML page so its that fixed size or even if its viewed full screen its still the same “ratio” so stuff outside borders is invisible…

hope you can understand it now.

Go to File/Publish Settings/ then click on the HTML tab. Where it says “Dimensions” make sure the drop down box says “Match Movie” then click “Publish”

No scaling should happen with this.