How do i pass hidden variables from php to flash

I am trying to make a flash file open a specific xml file from a URL that is set in the php file. when a the page is loaded, the php file is called for the variable. you must use a query line in the URL…example :

the php file should see the ‘folder’ variable and use it in the url that i want to load the xml file from. Once the variable is set in the php file, i want to transfer it to the swf file without having to change the url that the user types.

Here is basically what i want to do…

i want to be able to type in in the browser. the php file will check some stuff in the mysql database and make sure that the user’s space is not used up…i can do that part with the space. If the user’s space is not used up, it will post a variable to the swf file to load the xml file with the ‘folder’ variable in the url… example : …com/TheFolderVariable/thexmlfile.xml Once the variable is passed to the swf file, it will load properly.

I was trying to use the loadVars() and the loadVariable() commands but i cannot get the php file to post back to the swf.