How do i post my flash logo on a message on this site?

?? Im still pretty new at this so
how do i post my flash logo on a message on this site?

Embedded Scripts and Applets not allowed

Hey insaneflasher,
Try the steps found in the following URL:

Thanks kirupa!!

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Haha That Footer Reminds Me Of Kirupa’s


Give me a brake Ae buddy … this was my first logo … at least all of the links on my site actually work.

Let’s not be testy now… no need to find implications where there weren’t any. I doubt that anyone was saying you copied Kirupa’s sig.

Interesting sig… can I ask how many objects you have moving in there at once? I’m doing research on processor speeds and how many movements they can handle at once… that sig slows down my work comp… not that I’m saying you have to change it… everything slows this comp down. :slight_smile:

meow lol…take it easy fellows…

I didnt meen to be mean fellows but its the truth!! Hey edwin we should talk sometime… it would woop a horses @ss with a belt… as for My old logo who knows how many things are moving in the background…ha ha

hey you’re home page looks a little like Vts31’s… :wink:

WoW thats one weird ass ite bro! A little too weird for me!

ha ha i take that as a compliment … I talked to him yesterday …he likes it… … oww yeah hey edwin Im supposed to remind you about the per-loader… thanks

I love this sig man… very interesting.

hey crim… I have a simple question for you … how do I have a counter on my website …you know a thing that counts how many people have gone to my web site … Do i have to make that myself ? ?

the links dont work on my site- cause i dont want people to see my sites until they are DONE so try making some EASY TO READ text on your site while i work on my pages

hey AE buddy dont you think its a little late for that comment …That was almost 3 days ago!! … and I dont know what you are talking about …if you have a problem reading the text on my site thats your fault… now isnt iT !! if you dont want anyone to look at your “site” before its done then there shouldnt even be a link to it … ever think about that ??

Oh, Well im glad your site isn’t copying off of Edwin’s site at all! expecially that toxic ooze thing! this is when i seen the message so this is when i replied.

owww yes Ae buddy … "all I do is copy copy copy dont I " ha ha … on your old logo , you just copied edwins tutorial , you didnt even seem to change the blue button . you just posted it on as your own. now I think thats funny!!

and what are you talking about the toxic metal roller thats not copying anyone. . but. thanks for asking …

Insane Flasher actually- i used the tutorial to LEARN how to make the animated button- and how to add a sound to it.
and edwin does have a oil can spilt on his site…
it looks alot like your “toxic ooze”

now i think thats funny!