How do I preloader

How do I make a preloader image or text for a flash movie? I want it to say “Loading” and then load.



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this pisses me off. I spend nearly 30 minutes writing out instructions to somebody to a question, using normal keystroke functions and then I get this ****ed ‘No HTML’ comments allowed. There weren’t any there to begin with. For crying out loud. Talk about a serious piss-off!!! These EZ boards have some serious limitations for this kind of material. Serious limitations!


  1. Choose,Insert Scene
  2. Open Scene Inspector by choosing Window,
  3. Highlight Scene in layers box, upper left and choose properties
  4. Change name of Scene 1 to ‘Main’
    5. highlight Scene 2, choose properties. change name to ‘preload’
  5. now change order of scenes. In dialogue box drag ‘preload’ to above ‘main’ scene.
  6. Make sure the currently selected scene is the preload scene.
    A. Choose insert layer. Preload scene now has two layers.
    B. Rename top layer ‘Tags’
    C. Rename bottom layer ‘Actions’
    D. Click on key 1 of Tags layer; Choose modify, frame
    E. Select the label tag. Type in Begon for the label name. Behavior should be set to ‘label’
    F. Click on keyframe 1 of the ‘Actions’ layer
    G. Select Text tool and type words, ‘Page Loading’
    Move to whereever you want it.
    H. Select the ‘Page loading’ text and choose F8, convert to symbol. Name it ‘Loading’ and choose graphic for it’s behavior. Insert a keyframe at 10 for both ‘actions’ and ‘layers’. Click on keyframe 10 of the actions layer. We will make the loading text fade out.
    I. Select the ‘loading’ text and choose ‘modify’, Instance. Click on the color effect tab in the Instance properties box. Choose alpha from the list and move slider to 0.
    J. Add tweening. Select 1st keyframe of Actions layer and choose ‘Modify’, Frame. Select tweening tab and choose ‘Motion’

The only thing left now is to add the code to tell the preloader to stop playing. Select 1st keyframe in the Actions layer of the preload scene. Choose ‘Modify’, Frame. Select Actions tab. Click on the plus sign and select of frame is loaded from the menu. On right side of actions tab, choose main from the scene list box. Select number for frame and enter 1. Make sure the goto and play check box is selected. Click on keyframe 10 of the actions layer. Choose ‘Modify’, Frame. Selct Actions; Choose goto and play from the plusmenu. For the scene option on the right, choose preload. Select label option for frame and choose bgin from the list box. Make sure the goto and play are selected.

The last thing you need to do is to add a stop to the main scene, without this the movie will loop. Use the scene list button to change to the main scene. Select the final keyframe of any layer. Add stop to this keyframe. Thats it! Tell me how this worked for you.

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hey phil… I don’t know if you did this… but I’ll tell you that I do it, so I figure I’ll mention it.
Sometimes when writing a/s on ezboard. I’ll accidentaly use “[” instead of “{”. if you have even one of the square brackets it can come back with that message.

Thanks for telling me about that. I am just thankful I checked my post right after or else the God of Null would have devoured it. They are a tad bit touchy aboyt the HTML comments aren’t they? Do you know why? It really doesn’t make sense to me.