How do i put the actionscript text effect into a movie clip?

i went through the tutorial for the actionscript text effect… and i got it to work… but now i want to put it into a project as a movie clip, so it loops, but i can move it freely as an object… but when i put the whole thing into a movie clip, it only does the letter in the text box that i animated, and it only runs once… can anyone help?
<a href => here’s that tutorial so it will be easier for you to see it if you need to</a>

i have found no way possible to make that effect work inside of a movie clip. You can loop it from the main timeline using removeMovieClip, and setting the variables back to 0. But you probly dont’ want to have to go thru the hassle of doing that. the best thing to do is create the effect you want and make it into its own SWF and then use LoadMovie to bring it into a larger file.

thanks… ill try that… i appreciate the help