How do i run PHP on WIn XP

Hi people. I’m running WIN XP at home and would like to install PHP and run PHP at home. But I have no idea how to install PHP on my PC. Could someone please enlighten me? THanks!

use fireserv its the best

you can use apache php cgi-bin perl mysql and python its really simple to set up and if you want to run it on a home computer and your isp blocks the port for allowing this (80) in apache conf set it to 8501 such as my site its hosted on my computer and it works great

here is the version of php it comes with

comes with the most needed stuff in php such as GD & ZLIB

and zend optamizer

here is the url of you want to download it its free and cool

comes with phpmyadmin hhaha for to tell ya hahha

Fireserv 1.11 -

Fireserv 1.20 Beta -

the beta has zlib and a lot of other stuff such as on start auto apache run whach works perfect there is no eeors in the beta listed

easyphp is the way to go if you need a package, but if you can handle doing it manually, then I suggested you go to the apache website, and the php website and download the source files then install them each individually. The steps for installation are included with the documentations.