How do I save any dynamic text entered

Hi all. I’m relatively new to Flash, and I have been thrown a new problem. I understand how to load external variables from a .doc file, but is it possible to save any info that has been entered in a field (ie. input text variables “saved” to an external file) or is Flash the way to go at all? It’s basically a mini personal calendar component that is part of a bigger service.

If you use loadVariables(); on the main timeline, flash will send all the variables that are located there, to whatever file you want. I know that sounds silly… it’s loadVariables, not SEND variables… but it does in fact send them out. I’ll see if I can find something on writing an external txt file with A/S… I know I’ve seen it somewhere.

Yep - it’s totally possible but you have to couple it with a PHP (or ASP, CGI, whatever you like) file to make the magic happen. Typically, you have your SWF file, a PHP file, and a txt file where you can save everything. You can check out this tutorial and download the source files and instructions:…ndex.shtml\r\rIt’s a flash guestbook tutorial. All the entries are saved to a txt file and the swf file calls that file and displays the variables when the user wants to see past entries. I’m not sure what it is you want to do exactly, but maybe looking at the tutorial above will give you an idea of how to accomplish it.