How do I send data to a php script from flash?

Hi all.

I simply want to pass an email address and name to a php script that will write to a text file on the server. I have code already that will do the server-side logic properly.

In my movieclip, I have code that looks like this,

var sendVar = “email.php?email=”+this.email_field.text;
getURL(sendVar, “_blank”, “POST”);

But I do not want it to pop up a new browser window everytime I call a php script to do a “POST”. What command do I use in actionscript so that a browser window won’t pop-up when I call a php script?

just get rid of the “_blank”

sorry that didn’t work… it just brought up another screen within the same browser window…

anyone else have any ideas? please?

do a search for the PHP mail threads - should find plenty of methods there.