How do i stop a movie from playing

hi guys…

heres my problem. I have two movies ( A and B) playing continously in a scene ( looping). After a few seconds, I would like movie A to stop ( freeze) while movie B continues on.

How do i do this? I tried putting a “stop” action on movie A but it stops everything else including movie B.


You could add a counter in frame 1 and do counter++; in the last frame and at the same time check if the counter has reached the wanted value and then stop();

if (counter>10) {
else {

OR, if you want it to run for a certain time, add this script on a separate layer:

start = getTimer();
while (start+xxxx>now) {
now = getTimer();

and then tell the movie to stop when the while-script is done.
(xxxx is the time in milliseconds)

Hope this helps


thank you very much. i will try it.