How do i stop movie from playing on page load?

I want to have about 5 different clips on one page but I don’t want them all playing at the same time, which is what happens.

Is there a way of only playing the movie when the visitor clicks play?


Hey Sykes,
When you right click on a video and select Properties, the Video/Picture Properties dialog box will appear. Select the Video tab. There should be an option for starting a video “On Mouse Over”.

Try that and tell me if it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll try to find some other way to do that.

Kirupa :love:

i’m in uni at d mo, they’v got fp2000 so the Video/picture property dialogue box didn’t appear…

I’ll have to try it in fp2002 wen i get home…

(but since my website is meant to be fully streamed, I’v decided to link to the videos ratha than embed them within the web pages…)


Ah, ok. Then the videos won’t play until the link is actually clicked - good idea =)

hey kirupa, wot u suggested worked. u c, wen embedding my video i did insert -> advanced controls -> plug-in, so i couldn’t try out the start on mouse-over function.

But wen my brain cell woke up, i realised u meant insert -> picture -> video and then right-click here to alter the properties. I tried it and alas! d dam thing was working.

I may use this as well as linking to the videos so thanks!

P.s. I know making the background properties fixed requires a tiny addition of <i> bgproperties=“fixed”</i> with the body tags but doesn’t fp allow you to do this in normal view (i.e. without having to alter the html?) TIA :beam: