How do I?

I’m teachin myself Flash rite now…so I download as many flash clips as i can find…something i’m curious about is…when i open the .fla file thru Flash… is there any way i can save the sound clips that were on that project so that i could use it also?

Well the sounds if they were placed in the FLA will come with the FLA when you open it on your system. There is no way of taking those clips out of the FLA if that’s what you’re talking about. You can drag them from movie to movie though. That would be done by opening up whatever project you need the sound in, then using the menu option “open as library”. Choose the FLA with the sound in it, and you’ll see that movie’s library open up. Then you can simply drag the sound from that library to the stage of the other movie.

Hey preciate it man…i guess this will do for now…have to find a way to extract them files though…again preciate the tip.

If you want to extract a specific sound:
Create a new FLA
Drag the sound onto frame one
Choose export as and save in .wav format