How do you all get hyped up to Flash?

I was a hardcore Flasher a while back (about 2-3 months ago) and I also was a mod for kirupa. I have been doing a lot of 3D Max and Photoshop lately but i would rather get back into flash so I can make more user interaction and impliment my 3D Max and photoshop with it. I just wanna know how the hell you all get hyped to Flash!!!

I walk in nature… eat good food, enjoy life in general… of course that’s probably not very helpful.

Welcome back dan. :slight_smile:

Hey Dan,
Great footer.
By the way, I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question (bloody Americans…) : WTH does ‘hyped’ mean ?

pom 0]


I get inspired (or “hyped”) simply by looking at other people’s Flash sites or Flash clips (like your cool footer for instance).

Unfortunately, I feel like I’m wearing banana-peel slippers trying to get up that learning curve sometimes. :slight_smile:



Well… what works for me is to think of any idea, and try to make it happen. I’ve found that attempting to answer peoples questions on this site helps keep the creative juices going.

Ah… and fiber… lots of fiber to help digest some of the code you will get from POM, Supra, Thoriphes, Eyez, Upuaut, etc… as they watch from Mount Olympus. (just kidding, guys)… ah… and did NOT want to leave out RenaissanceGrl… GRRRRRRRRRR (j/k on that one too…)

Ahaha… acid… lots of acid.

Just kidding - drugs are bad. Stay in school.

To get hyped up for some quality flashing, I usually get myself a big bag of dog poop, set it on my neighbors front doorstep, light it, knock on the door, run away and watch the madness that follows.

Just kidding, actually, I just play guitar. I found that being creative one way (guitar) can lead to creative ideas for other things (flashing). It works vice versa too. I’ve thought of many great riffs whilst flashing.

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago…


…drugs are bad. stay in school. ** RenniGirl**

just thought that was funny

lol… Rena… drugs don’t kill people…people kill… oh wait… no drugs do kill people… nevermind.

Well…I am really new to this flash thing…so the shear excitement is enough for me…

And I do love that footer…maybe one day I will be able to do cool things such as that…

the main reason i have got ‘hyped’ about ‘Flash MX’ is it’s new interface…the usability is a 90% up from Flash 5…

i have not had time to explore it’s new actionscript functions…[busy boy ben]… i am just using my old scripts…but when my work lays off i plan to explore more…!


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hey dan!
Nice of you to consider giving Flash another shot :slight_smile: I like the design part of Flash. I like the colors you can use, etc. I usually look at the ads in the “uber geeK” magazines such as Wired. Wired’s graphics and colors will inspire anyone to create great Flash :slight_smile: