How do you animate the resize, move of graphic symbols? (+ bizarre errors I've had)

As the title says, how do you animate the resizing and moving of graphic symbols without making everything go invisible?

I’m using Flash CS4.

Here are the bizarre, unexplainable problems I’ve had before.

First of all, this is my basic scene. It’s 6 rectangles and 8 half-circles.


First thing I tried doing was applying a Classic Tween (since Motion Tween did nothing and Shape Tween was disabled). However, what that did was turn every object in the entire work space into one giant object for no reason at all, which certainly isn’t what I wanted.


What I realized is that in order to avoid having all of the objects merged into one, I had to create a brand new file first…


Add in a blank keyframe and a Classic Tween while the workspace is still empty…

THEN finally copy/paste the objects into the first frame from the first file:


Now I paste those shapes again into the target frame and resize one of the diagonal shapes:

Then I moved that rectangle to a new position:

However, when I preview the animation, only the animating object shows up… everything else is INVISIBLE:

Also, if I try moving a different object, the rectangle will start spinning FOR NO REASON:

What the heck is going on? How can I animate this object without making everything else go invisible and keep the object from spinning out of control? This doesn’t make any sense at all… It’s like this program just does stuff at random without any logic or reason behind it.

Any help is appreciated.