How do you disable the option when u right click in a flash movie

well hows it done

you should really read this article before disabling right-click though

you can do it for the page in javascript

The Code:

script language="javascript"
function noRightClick() {
if (event.button==2) {
alert('You can NOT Right-Click on this page -- but you CAN Left-Click.')


Paste the JavaScript segment above into the header of your page.
(That is, between the and tags.

Change the message in the alert() call from our message
(‘You can NOT Right-Click on this page – but you CAN Left-Click.’)
to whatever you wish to appear in the alert box.


you can disable it in flash by

1.The menu of a flash movie can be disabled by using the menu attribute and set it to false. insert this tag into your html

EMBED src=transparent.swf type="text/html; charset=iso-
8859-1" quality="high" menu=false bgcolor=#000000 

2.To activate the menu set attribute menu=true

p.s. i know the pointed brackets arent around the tags but when i had them in there the code didn’t show up when i viewed the message. weird :-\