How do you have your library set up?

Okay, so I am mostly self taught on any programming knowledge that I have… about a year ago, I started learning Flash and went through several books to do so…

The one thing that was never covered (that I read) was how to set up your library. As a result, I have been guilty of starting a project folder and copy/pasting all of the classes I need into each project folder. (As a result I have like 30 copies of TweenLite on my PC).

I have done some searching, but the topic seems elusive… I have also read where most people use a reverse web address format (e.g., “”).

So my questions:

[]Is there a standard way of setting up a library for your classes?
]WHERE does the “com” folder live on the directory (ex: c:\com, or c:\Adobe\com, etc).
[*]How do YOU have your library set up?