How do you make a scrolling text box using mx2004

How do you make a scrolling text box using mx2004? I want to put links in it aswell!Any help would be appreciated!

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And there is a MX2k4 component that is a scrolling text box.

I didn’t understand your instructions, could you make them clearer, i am a beginner in flash!


I think you misunderstood me, I want a box, which is not editable that shows the viewer a some facts, and beside each fact i want there to be a link. The first step is to create a box that will scroll, that is non editable, then I will put the links in! How is this done?

heres the fla, I want the box to be in the center!


I can get the text area up, but no scroller!

the text box only scrolls when there is enough text in the box for it TO scroll

Is there any other possible way I can do it, I don’t like the fact that i have to put my text in, using that space where u put the code, there must be a better way of doing it surely!

you can do it in the Actionscript panel. But you’re going to have to put your text in the same format.

i don’t want your fla, you can have it back. i added a little something for you :wink:

btw to add links, highlight the text, and there is a link box in the properties panel. i can make you another picture if you want :beam:here<<