How do your personalized flash logo

How do your personalized flash logo right underneath this text?

On the main Forum page, go to the link called “My Control Center” and click the grey button called “edit preferences” and go to the bottom to where it says “Custom Signature” and for a sample script to put for your located logo you can use something like this:

(EMBED src=
quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=350 HEIGHT=75)

Replace the ( and ) with < and >

I had to use those because the forum doesn’t allow to put script into my text without it executing it!

It sux that u cant post SWF’s the same way u can images…or maybe u can… leme test…

Embedded Scripts and Applets not allowed

aww **** it u cant :frowning:

No you can… you just have to do it right.

A) you can only use the embed tags, not the object tags.
B) you have to check off the HTML check box at the bottem of the reply screen
and to top that off…
C) the forum has to have “allow HTML” turned on, under administration settings for the board.

[c]<EMBED src=“” quality=high wmode=transparent bgcolor=#000000 WIDTH=260 HEIGHT=260 TYPE=“application/x-shockwave-flash” PLUGINSPAGE=“”></EMBED>[/c]

thanks upuaut i never thought of that :slight_smile:


when’s your site gunna b up ‘n’ running?


i haven’t worked on it for about a month because I have been so busy with school, work, gym, and I want to finish Colin Moock’s Actionscript book before I start again!

[c]<EMBED src=“
quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=350 HEIGHT=75>[/c]

how could i make my SWF bigger? it doesnt seem to recognize the width and hight values i assigned.

It has to be out of the tag somehow. I didn’t have any problem asigning height and width.


<EMBED src= quality=high bgcolor=#FF9900 WIDTH=350 HEIGHT=50>