How does one make an inertia scroll like in the BombShock award site XM2?

I have the basic code down for doing this particular kind of controlled inertia scroll but it does not work properly. When you go to:

Go to the main “home” section and look at the bottom where it has the little icons of documents. When the user slowly hovers over that MC, it scrolls gently with a nice inerita feel towards the left and right depending on which direction you move with the mouse. I have it just about done but no cigar. Please let me know how to do this because I seriously tried for 2 hours today trying to figure it out before asking help here. Thanks for the help.

I understand that all the documents are basically buttons which are in a movieclip. That movieclip is inside another movieclip which is on the main stage. The script is manipulating the movieclip with the buttons inside of it based on the _x position of the user when they move over the MC that has everything inside of it. I just cannot figure out that code which does it…and that too…with the nice inertia feel to it.


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