How else can I achieve this?

I have the ‘Growing’ Tribal art at the start of my Flash intro - I am currently in the progress of making v2 of the Flash Website.

I’m just wondering, how else can I achieve this growing effect?

This is how I’m doing it atm:

  1. Create the Tribal art as Vector in Flash
  2. Create a separate .swf file that has Frame.By.Frame animation which places a new “dot/round circle” movieclip on each frame, slowly masking the entire shape of the Tribal Vector.
  3. Import the .swf file and set it as a mask on top of the Tribal Art.

Reason for this is I find by having Frame.By.Frame animation it is very cpu intensive - I end up having a lot of duplicated “dot/round circle” movieclips on the final frame which isn’t too healthy for the cpu.

It would be fantastic if I could create one circle and tell one point of that circle to stretch and cover and follow a guide (the shape of the tribal art).

Please help? Any ideas? Any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated! :D!


Nope :open_mouth: :frowning: